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Ellie Lasthiotaki

Gaia Reflections 2023

This new series has been inspired by nature and the exquisiteness of life. Being around nature and water gives us a sense of something greater than ourselves, it expands the mind and our attention being on nature, it allows the body to rest, to be calm. Painting water has also a healing effect. Using lines and leaving traces on canvas it leaves the sensation of being there.These are multi-layered paintings where Ellie is using her own techniques to decipher feelings and inspire hope and positivity so much needed in the troubled times we are experiencing.

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Beyond the Sea

Acrylic, charcoal, pastels, ink On linen canvas 200x100cm
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My heart is spinning

Gold Leaf, Acrylics 30cm by 30cm

I still Love you when you wake up

Acrylic and gold Leaf on stretched canvas 70cm by 70cm
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The Seagulls’ kiss

Acrylics, 24k Gold Leaf 130cm by 70cm

Scribbling on the sweet sand

Acrylics, charcoal 130cm by 70cm

Charming Infatuation

Acrylics, pastel, Charcoal 147cm by 84cm