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Ellie Lasthiotaki


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Beyond the Sea

Acrylic, charcoal, pastels, ink On linen canvas 200x100cm
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The Seagulls’ kiss

Acrylics, 24k Gold Leaf 130cm by 70cm

Charming Infatuation

Acrylics, pastel, Charcoal 147cm by 84cm

Ode to Glowing Memories of Elegance

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 150cm by 100cm
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You make my heart smile

Acrylic and pastel on canvas 150cm by 100cm   This painting is part of my
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Seaview | Nature Art

Acrylic on canvas in white frame 55cm by 55cm
Out of stock

Shoreline Refuge | Nature Art

Acrylic, pastels on linen canvas 150cm by 100cm Nature is my inspiration and refuge. Letting
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Lines of Existence | Nature Artwork

Acrylic, pastel on canvas 80cm by 100cm Leaving marks and lines, traces , wrinkles are
Out of stock

Nostalgic moments of unconditional love

Acrylic, pastels on linen canvas 150cm by 150cm Leaving marks and lines, traces , wrinkles
Out of stock

Lines and Fragments | Abstracts Art

Acrylic, oil on linen canvas 150cm 100cm Lines and fragments has been inspires by the
Out of stock

I can hear you whisper | Nature Art

Acrylic, pastel on canvas 90cm by 90 cm Nature has been a constant source of
Out of stock

Salty Day | Nature Artwork

Acrylic on wood 140cm by 90cm This is a seascape painting inspired by my place
Out of stock

Pebble Beach | Nature Art

Acrylic on canvas in white frame 50cm by 50cm