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Ellie Lasthiotaki

Themed Collections

The feeling of freedom is the greatest thing one human being can be grateful for. For, freedom brings happiness. The freedom to think, to create, to express inner feelings, ideas, thoughts… I try to bring this freedom in my paintings, the freedom to visually express what cannot be expressed in words.
I love the little red dot, its heat and humidity, the tropical storms and sudden wind waves. I love the sunsets and the sunrises, the smells of curry, lemongrass, the busy streets, the music, the dresses, the bustling harbour, the cultures. I love my golden island. It is now part of me.
I believe in women power, their versatility and kindness. In my homeland Crete, many thousand years ago the ancient Minoan women had a prominent role in the society. Painting them is my tribute to all the wonderful women in the world and their contribution in making this world a better place.
The olive trees have been an integral part of my upbringing. Olive oil is our gold. The idea that these trees can be the witnesses of different generations to come is fascinating. The use of the gold leaf on the background has its roots in the byzantine iconography.