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Ellie Lasthiotaki

About Ellie

Ellie Lasthiotaki is a Greek artist, currently based in Singapore. Her work is inspired by lines and fragments of Gaia and exquisiteness of life. Through her panoramic paintings and sculptures she yearns to build the bridge with nature and lines so to emancipate her psyche and confront one’s harrowing composite experiences.
Her work is a humble endeavour to bring forward her childhood, the somnifacient light of the sun, elements of the seas and exuberance of the colours in which her ancestors, the ancient Minoans used in their art. Many times she embodies the elements of water and liquid into her art, alongside any kind of chance. Within her own visual language her works epitomise her instinctive need to grasp emotions, space and a diaphanous perception of endless possibilities.
The texture of materials, the brushstrokes, the drippings, and the colours let the viewer free to use his own imagination and give his/her own interpretation.
Growing up on the island of Crete, in Greece, the sea and its stories have been an internal part of perceiving the world. Thus, the ever-moving sea, magical landscapes many times from aerial views, are always in constant movement and flow. Nothing is still in nature unless one captures that moment, that wave, that feeling in any way he can. This is her way to capture a moment, a split of a second, a feeling, a storm, a secret that would otherwise be long forgotten.

Artist’s CV

Commission Projects

Commissioned Paintings by Individual Collectors.
Portrait Commissions by Collectors


2019, Art Revolution Taipei, Online and printed Catalog

Group Exhibitions

  • 2020, Art Connects Women, 5-8 March, Dubai, Zeearts.
  • 2019, BeOneGallery, “Dreamland” 1-4 August, 2019, Visual Arts Centre, Artist and Co-organiser
  • 2019, Tatinis Artshow, “Hope, Peace, Love, 24-26 May, 2019
  • 2019, Art Revolution Taipei, Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3
  • 2019, Selected and participated at International Artist Grand Prize Competition, ART , Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3 Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2018, Self-Portrait Exhibition, 33Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, USA
  • 2018- present, Fractured Imperfections, UConcept gallery, Shanghai
  • 2018-present, Splitworlds, Uconcept gallery, Shanghai
  • 2018, Same same but different, The Substation Gallery, Singapore
  • 2018, Design Seascapes, White Heritage Shophouse, Singapore2018, Artist Collective pop up, 7 Grange Road, Singapore
  • 2017, Artist Collective, Cabaleiro art Studio, Singapore
  • 2016, Artist Collective, Cabaleiro Art Studio, Singapore
  • 2015, Pameran Poskad, Singapore
  • 2015, Art Space, Singapore

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2021, Lines and Fragments of Gaia, Gallery1819
  • 2019, The Breeze, The Substation Gallery
  • 2018, In Search of (Im)possibilities, The Substation Gallery
  • 2018, Art Bazar, Kent Vale, NUS, Singapore
  • 2017, A journey in Singapore, Kent Vale, NUS, Singapore


MA in Modern History, University College London, UK
Bachelor in History, History of Art and Archaeology, the University of Crete
Certificate in Western Art, NAFA, Singapore
Apprentice at Cabaleiro Art Studio, Art Space, Astrid Dahl
2014 – Present Lecturer at Dept of Humanities, Yale NUS, Freelance artist