modern fine art

By embodying the ideation of the existence of water and liquid in my art, I intend to stimulate the mind and guide it to places that bring happiness, innocence the feeling of weightlessness of things.

Contemporary Fine Art

My abstract pieces are intuitive, guiding the the mind to places blinded to a naked eye. It’s where somehow my feelings take shapes and colours, it’s my haven.

Contemporary Fine Art

My collections have the personal element. The people I meet, the places I am influenced by, the flowers, the trees with all this magical trace on my livelihood.

About Ellie

Ellie Lasthiotaki is a Greek artist, currently based in Singapore. Her work is inspired by lines and fragments of Gaia and exquisiteness of life. Through her panoramic paintings and sculptures she yearns to build the bridge with nature and lines so to emancipate her psyche and confront one’s harrowing composite experiences.

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